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Court 4  is the Club's designated teaching court.  Lessons on Court 4 have priority at the times posted in each coach's information (click on tabs below).  All players must cede this court to the coach during the dedicated coaching times.

Coaching Rates

All rates quoted are per lesson/hour.


Private Lesson (1-3 persons): $45 including GST.
Group Lesson (4+ persons): $50 including GST.


Non-Member private Lesson: $55 including GST.

Non-Member Group Lessons (2+ persons):  Check with the pro, but minimum $50 plus $5 per each non-member.

After 4 total lessons (private and/or group) a non-member must join the Club to continue taking lessons.  $10 for each private lesson taken and $5 for each group lesson taken will be refunded back upon completion of Registration and payment of a new Membership fee.

Click on each tab below for Coach details and times