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Court Use & Etiquette

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Club Rules & Etiquette

  • Do not commence play before 8:00am and all play must be finished by 10:00pm, out of respect for our neighbours.

  • The entry gate must remain locked.  Please do not prop the gate open.  With the popularity of dog walking and Fred Gingell Park, too many non-members gain access to our clubhouse and use our washroom, which remain the club's responsibility to maintain and clean.

  • Whites are not mandatory but proper tennis attire is required, and non-marking tennis shoes ARE mandatory.  If you see someone marking the court with their shoes please inform them of the rule.  And please do not play shirtless, despite how hot it might get or how buff you think you look.

  • Courts are restricted to TTC Members, their guests, and sanctioned League play only.

  • Keys are for Adults only.

  • Guest Policy – Members are required to have their guests pay a fee of $10 for each time they play.  The names of the Member and guest are to be registered in the blue log book located in the clubhouse and also written on the envelopes provided for the $10 fee, which fee should be placed in the collection box (attached to the bench seat near the window).

  • Please respect our neighbours' privacy! All balls going over the fence into their backyards must be considered lost. Members are not permitted to climb any fence or to enter any yard to retrieve balls.

  • Please do not swear on the courts.  This can upset other players and our neighbours, whose backyards are merely behind the hedge.

  • Ball hoppers are allowed but must be removed if they interfere with other courts, in which case lessons must revert to using a maximum of 6 balls.

  • Damage to windscreens, nets, clubhouse, shed or other TTC property should be reported to the Maintenance Director whose name is on the 'Contact Us' page of this website.

  • The last Member to leave the courts is responsible for ensuring that all equipment [e.g. brooms, chairs etc.] is stored inside the clubhouse or shed, and all the court and clubhouse lights are turned off and the clubhouse, shed doors and court gates are securely locked.  Please be sure to check and lock the clubhouse, shed door and outer gate because vandalism can cause enormous expense to the Club.

Official Rules of Tennis - click here

Tennis Canada Rulebook - Rules of the Court

RISK .....
..... use of the Club facilities by the Membership, their families and guests is in accordance with the "Release Agreement" that every Member accepted electronically upon registering for Membership.

Members are reminded to lock automobiles and bikes and secure personal effects such as wallets and purses while on court.



The clubhouse is equipped with an AED.

Scheduled League matches always take priority