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Club Ladder



Use this link to register.
 full list of registrants for you to challenge is under the tabs below  - their email addresses are on the Membership List - see No. 5 in the rules & guidelines below.


All participants must find their own partners.
Ladders will run from May 24 till September 30.

Current standings (Select tabs to view all Divisions)

Match Results as of September 20, 2021

Rules and Guidelines

Categories are listed above.

1 - Tennis ladder will run from May 24 until September 30, 2021.

2 - Anyone wishing to sign up must email Cathy Dixon by clicking here

3 - For doubles play, find your own partner.

4 - You can challenge any  player or team. Once a challenge is accepted you do not have to accept another challenge until you have played your first challenged game.  

5 - To make a challenge, contact the player or players you are challenging.  Contact details are found on the website Membership List (accessible only if you first log in to your SportsEngine account). They have 72 hours to acknowledge the challenge and must accept and agree to play the match within 2 weeks.  If the challenged player or players cannot play within the 2-week period then they forfeit the match. This ensures there is always movement in the ladder.  Exceptions may be made if a match is rained out.

6 - There is a 15-minute grace period given to players who show up late for a match.  After the 15 minutes the match is forfeited to  the other player or couple.

7 - If you are ranked #3 and win a match against #1 then you go to #1 and #1 drops to #2.

8 - All matches are best of 3.  When tied at 6 games go to a 7 point tie-breaker where you must win by 2 points.  If match is tied 1 set each, then the third set is the first to 10 points, must win by 2 points.

9 - As the courts have been busier this season with more people staying home, this is a reminder that court time is 45 minutes for singles and one hour for doubles.  As such, this year the No Ad Serving will be played for Ladder matches.  In singles, at deuce the next point wins.  In doubles, at deuce the receiving team selects who the server serves to and the next point wins.   Always sign up on the board, or risk being bumped off your court.  Before your match starts decide how you will handle potentially being bumped off your court before your match is finished, e.g. (a) call the game at 1 hour (if doubles) or 45 minutes (if singles), or (b) agree to wait for the next available court to finish your match.

10 - The winner of the match is responsible for emailing Cathy Dixon with the score within 24 hours of completing the match.  The ladder will be updated every Tuesday if there is movement in the ladder. The ladder will be posted on the website and also placed on the bulletin board at the clubhouse.

11 - If you join the ladder after it has started you will be placed at the bottom of the ladder.

12 - The goal of this ladder is to have fun.  If there are any rules or guidelines that have been missed we will update them as we go.

2020 Ladder Results

Men's Singles      
1 Jason Walley
2 Bruce Matthews


Rocio Gonzalez


Tobias Der


Rick Connors

6 Derek Drake
7 Fred Robinson
8 Chris Gray
9 Leo Wilson
Men's Doubles      


 Serban Vasilescu / Jason Walley

 2 Jeff Roberts / Jeff Kaltenegger


 Rick Connors / Chris Gray



Ladies Singles


 Claire Minns


 Kathleen Beaton

 3  Sarah Myers
 4  Sandy Selinger
 5  Cathy Dixon
 6  Yvette Jackson


 Keri McCabe


 Julie Nelson


 Margaret Colbourne

Ladies Doubles


  Claire Minns / Monica Thomson


  Yvette Jackson / Keri McCabe

 3  Kristina McNamara / Sue Robinson


  Barb Andrews / Denise Hudson


  Cathy Dixon / Melissa Connors


Mixed Doubles

1 Jason Walley / Claire Minns


Rick Connors / Melissa Connors


Chris Gray / Cathy Dixon


Margaret Colbourne / Bruce Matthews

5 Ric Slaco / Debbie Slaco
6 Serban Vasilescu / Kathleen Beaton


Fred Robinson / Sue Robinson
8 Mark Sobieski / Monica Thomson