Ensuring your use of a court

The Sign-up Board beside the clubhouse door controls court use. Chalk is available beneath the Board and in the clubhouse. If players want to ensure they get court time they must enter their names and their start times on this Board. A minimum of 2 players must be present for the sign-up.
Proper use of the Booking Board ensures that everyone gets their share of playing times when the courts are busy. Write your start time on the Board and wait outside your selected court for completion of their last point. A court may be re-booked immediately if no others are waiting. Maximum playing times when others are waiting: 45 minutes for singles, and 60 minutes for doubles.

PLAYERS NOT SIGNING UP ON THE BOARD RISK BEING 'BUMPED' FROM PLAY WHEN THE COURTS ARE BUSY. Please ensure this procedure is followed to avoid unnecessary conflict for court time.